What is Rock’n’Tits?

It was year 2013. We were two young women working in our own corners of the creative field, one as a photographer and the other as a tattoo artist. Quickly, after meeting at a tattoo studio, we noticed that we shared some similar thoughts of the world.

We decided to create something together. Something that would combine tattoos, photography and the views of the surrounding world. We started to plan a photography project.

First, we were contemplating different scenarios and themes and thinking overall about what could be done. Our first theme was chosen to be an image of strong women.

We wanted to underline the brave attitude that whatever happens in life, the obstacles can be defeated. We wanted to create images that were honest and had some balls but were beautiful at the same time.

We named the project as Rock’n’Tits already in the very beginning. We felt that the name was bold and cheeky enough so we decided to keep it.

Making a difference

Until this day, we have created four photo projects and there is more to come. Our exhibitions bring up topics of today and the goal is to raise conversation around the themes. The overall aim is to make a difference.

In addition to talking about the current topics, our goal has always been encouraging people to go towards their dreams. Respecting and supporting others is important to us. The key motivation is the hunger to challenge ourselves and learn new things day after day.

Thank you for reading this and welcome to find out some more!


Titta & Katri

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